Receipt Bank – working for The Numbercrunchers and our clients during COVID-19

May 13th, 2020

2020 has been a strange year for us all! Not so long ago, The Numbercrunchers wrote a review about Receipt Bank ( to applaud them for everything their nifty system added to our practice and for reducing our clients’ workload and time spent on  paperwork. This review now seems a little understated!

In light of COVID-19, we can honestly say that without having had Receipt Bank as part of our integral system, we would have struggled to resume normal service. The original review, however, stills holds true –

“Receipt Bank for us here at The Numbercrunchers is an integral part of the “App Stack” that we promote to all our clients. We will not accept a client who does not use it as we are 100% Xero Accountants and have found no other partner app that equals Receipt Bank

Easy to explain and demo to new clients, the fact that clients simply photo their receipts and then forget about them makes the ease of use of Receipt Bank incomparable and allows even “non-techie” clients to adapt to technology – with a smile!

We undertake all bookkeeping in the first three months for all new clients to ensure that supplier rules are set correctly in the beginning, saving invaluable time at year end as we have no requirement to “Find and Recode” or look into anything related to nominal coding – get it right up front and the pay back is enormous so the supplier rules automation is one of our favourite Receipt Bank features”

So, a big THANK YOU to Receipt Bank – and also to our clients, some of whom are not particularly tech savvie but who trust us to guide them onboard with this and become adopters of our systems and visions. Even in difficult times, it is a pleasure to deal with you and the entire Numbercrunchers Team wishes you well in these very strange times – Stay Safe!

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