Xerocon 2019 – “Takeaways” for Numbercrunchers Clients

November 18th, 2019

Xerocon 2019….what is it? It is to Cloud Accountants what the annual World Scout Jamboree is to Boy Scouts¬† – and even more exciting!! Well, we would say that, as the Xero software aficionados that we are! Heading to ExCel in London last week, The Numbercrunchers gleaned some lovely little takeaways for our clients, each and every one offering more visibility and efficiency with your accounts, because, as we all agree – YOUR ACCOUNTS MATTER!! The first new development that we want to share is –

DIRECT PAYMENTS from your Xero platform – as anyone who has ever done a long and tedious payment run, they can be painful – not least of all because you are spending your hard earned cash! That factor notwithstanding, going in and out of your Bank Account, back to Xero, back out to the Bank again….it can all get kind of long winded. Recognising this as a real issue, though, Xero, in conjunction with Transferwise, have developed a seamless process to reduce time doing this dreaded job. This will bring tangible benefits to you on the Xero platform and will enable users to manage business finances far more efficiently with real-time,accurate information, leaving you more time to grow your business.

The Numbercrunchers will be rolling this out across our client base but if you are keen to be at the head of the queue, please do get in touch! And watch our blog for more tasty takeaways…of the non-edible variety!



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